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Entrepreneurship is very crucial for the growth of the global economy at large. In the process of business creation and growth, there is a range of risks involved, hence the reason why the entrepreneurs have to identify and manage all the risks for a successful creation and growth of businesses. Entrepreneurship being under the corporate world means that it is guided by the corporate law. Eitan Neishlos is one of the corporate law professionals in South Africa and has aimed to help both the locals and foreigners interested in venturing into new entrepreneurial opportunities in South Africa. One of the achievement of this professional is founding the Resonance group of companies which have continues to grow on a daily basis and gain popularity globally. Resonance Australia is a financial institution based in Australia which has greatly increased the number of job opportunities in the continent.

Eitan Neishlos has proved to be a great entrepreneur through a number of ways. Invention is actually coming up with a something new, for example new products and services or even processes while innovation is improving the existing processes and products to meet the individual needs and requirements of the customers, and in regard to this case, Eitan Neishlos has proved to be both innovative and creative in his or her management work due to the adoption of the latest technology to improve the processes, products, and services provided by the Resource group companies he has founded. All the success that Eitan Neishlos has achieved has been as a result of the need for achievement which is one of the key needs in entrepreneurship and this involve the desire for one to get good results from his or her hard work which can be seen in Eitan Neishlos’s work. Self-motivating is one of the key characteristics of most successful entrepreneurs around the world and this has been clearly portrayed by Eitan Neishlos both in his studies and in business life. Many multinational organizations that Eitan Neishlos has worked in have significantly grown on a day to day basis due to the professional management skills and the impact that Eitan Neishlos left in them. Having worked in a number of entrepreneurial firms or enterprises with a number of technological approaches, Eitan Neishlos has gained more skills and knowledge on how to improve the quality of products and services as well as the processes through creativity. Note that the more than a decade experience of Eitan Neishlos as a corporate attorney has also given him more skills and expertise in this field of law which has also made him very helpful to new entrepreneurs in need of legal representation.

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